Marine Life

Glass Shells, waves, and marine life. Artist Ben Silver explores the natural world...

Shipwrecked, green & gold

A myriad of color and optics,textured and smooth. 

shipwrecked, sunset

Shipwrecked is blown and carved glass sculpture with brilliant optics and color. The textured surface makes it compelling to touch. Clean in form and aesthetic, shipwrecked is a unique and bold three dimensional piece.

Ruby anchor

Ruby anchor is a technical display of glassmaking. Solid sculpted glass using blowing techniques to achieve the light and ethereal ruby color. The anchor poses as a canvas for the color to highlight itself through the carvings, which produce beautiful optics, texture, and pattern inside and out.

Mini Conch Shells  7"x4"x4"

Coral, 11"x6"x7"

Tropic Thunder, 11"x6"x7"

mermaid blue, 11"x6"x7"

 Dolphin in mid air

Striking Dichroic colors in full spectrum


Conch shell with beautiful blue and tea colored accents, sparkling color and silver tones. 11x6x7

Sunrise shells


Electric Red

Deep red with silver highlights and a salmon interior. 12x7x7



Crashing Waves

6"small,  9"medium, 12" large, Xlarge 14"

Vivid hues of blue and sparkling color. Textured clear foam on top to capture the movement and action of a wave.

Migrant whale with wave stand 18"x9"x9"

Mini Migrant whale with wave stand

15 x 9 x 8