Cupcakes...realistic and delicious glass sculptures


Homers Cupcake

Sparkling green cake, icy blue frosting, crisp waffle cone, tangy glass candy, and iridescent syrup.  6x5x5

The Lonely cupcake

Clear glass dome and stand. with sprinkles. 16x5x5

The lonely cupcake set

Two clear cake stands of varying heights, with 3 cupcakes. One without sprinkles. 

Chocolate Mint Raspberry Cupcake

Realistic blown glass cupcake. Chocolate fudge cake with pink frosting, mint chips, chocolate syrup, and a beautiful transparent raspberry on top. 5x3x3

Lady Cup

Original  cupcake

Opaque colored glass, transparent cherry, lavender frosting, and sprinkles. 5x3x3

Bohemian Cake stand