Sculptures by Ben Silver are representative and abstract forms of art. Uniquely created within the endless boundaries of glass. 

Brilliant tones of blue, textured and optical carvings combined with smooth curves and exaggerated features. 


Blown glass torso with a myriad of transparent colors highlighted by the the optical effects of the textured body and faceted edges. Skillful glass techniques were used to create this sculpture. Metal base is also made by the artist.

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Aqua Twist

A fantastic display of blown glass, sculpted hot. Movement frozen in time. Clean, and crisp details of color and lines. 


Transparent tones, split in two. 

Ancient Bull

Comprised of hundreds of multi layered colored tiles. Inspired by ancient petroglyph drawings and tribal color patterns. 

Lavender twist

Lavender Twist is a fantastic representation of the qualities of glass. Flowing light and color in ribbon form. 24x9x9

El Toro Loco
Postured to stand his ground. Brightly colored opaque glass

HIgh Desert Runner

running horse in rust and iridescent color with fine details standing a pad of murrini tile. 9x12x5


Fatal Attraction

Rich opaque colors with white lines scrambled. Small but sophisticated. 8x3x3

Dancer I

bright and fantastic colors. Soft and smooth curves. 9x3x3

Flat Panels

"Frontier". Steel mount. 29"x14"x6"

Body Language 32"x6"x6"

Charging Bull

Charging Bull is inspired by ancient petroglyph cave drawings using a psychedelic collage of color. 12x5x5

Spring Bull

Gold twist

Technical display of glass making and creative imagination give this gold twist its free flowing and silky demeanor.

Blue Ox

Beautifully patterned glass tiles; detail, character, and strength. 13x6x7

clear twist

Elegant, sophisticated, and technical display of glass techniques. Hand blown and carved glass with custom steel base. 24x8


Inspired by ancient petroglyph drawings, this artist uses psychedelic color patterns in rich and bold opaque colors with beautiful details. Ox displays tons of character and emotion through his subtle stance and form, creating a story from the ancient past. 

Beautiful tribal patterns with an ancient character. Opaque glass, matted surface and oil finish. 

The Vibe

An eclectic array of solid, bending, bright, and charismatic glass sculptures. Soft curves mixed with crisp polished lines.  17x28x5

Blue tie

Lapis blue with contrasting accents make up this free flowing twist by Bendini Glass.Blue tie, 24"x14"x7"

Sleek and smooth blown and hot sculpted glass. Rich opaque colors. Movement frozen in time.  23x8x8

Red twist

Horse In Pasture

opaque colored glass horse with fine details, standing on a pad of murrini tile. One of a kind.  10x10x5

velvet lady

deep purple and wine red figure on rusted metal base.  11x10x5

dancer ii

soft and elegant colors. smooth curves.  10x5x4