Vases, Vessels, and more...

Hand blown glass uniquely designed by Ben Silver.

Bohemian Talk

Faceted bottles

Thick and beautiful oversized perfume bottles.

Black and White 

Black and White tells the story of where chaos meets order, and how things can be crazy and simple at the same time. This piece boldly sits upon it's heavy foot, quietly screaming; or silently contemplating all the noise.
This piece is thick and heavy, which keeps the glass opaque and rich in tone. 11x10


Hive is an original design by Bendini Glass. Rich and bold bands of color created with fine details of white pinstripe lines woven together. Large and wide top which tapers to a small thick bottom.
Technical in design and process, Hive is guaranteed to be the perfect centerpiece. 11x13


Translucent mint green vase with white, clear, and transparent blue bands. Crisp, clean line work makes this piece beautiful in its simplicity. Thick and weighted to its base, the piece has a clean, thin lip. 11x13


Beautiful clean crisp lines in Red white and blue with whit lace lines detailed into the vessel. 15"x14"

"Off the Turf"


Rhapsody, carved

Mint Jewel

Fully carved blown glass vessel with thousands of carvings ground into the glass surface. 


Rhapsody is a free flowing expression of color, tonality and movement. The artists combines his intensified love of color and the unique qualities of glass to present this vessel in rich, bold colors, in cleanly framed lines.  12x13

balanced color

Tile plates

Hundreds of tiles layered with rich and bold colors. Hot squeezed into a low profile plate of visual hallucination. 

salmon eggs 12x12

Aztec 10x10

"Frontier cylinder" 

Hand blown glass cylinder made with with rich, bold, bands of opaque colors.  Add that perfect color touch to your space with these bold colors and lines which have been laboriously created from blown glass and cold-working techniques. 12x14

Skyline Series


Skyline Series. Square vases in varying sizes, colored in a luminous antique transparency of aubergine, steel blue, and gold. Unique and original design with architectural suggestions. These pieces can be arranged in almost infinite patterns, in a row or in clusters, side facing, or front facing.

Skyline Series

Spring City

Skyline Series

Dark Streets

Desert red 

Clean, bold lines, in opaque reds and white, with accents in golden yellow, black and sienna.
Functional or decorative, it's whimsical appearance and technical artistry, make this one of a kind piece the perfect addition to a homes decor. 12x13